Who are Global Digital Broadcast

Global Digital Broadcast provides technical services in order to enable internet protocol television (IPTV) to be delivered by broadcasters around the world, to viewers around the world.

Established in 2005, initially as a research and development company, Global Digital Broadcast is now a leading international player in IPTV, maintaining and operating a number of networks and platforms, including: SuncasTV in America, which delivers Asian content across the US and globally; Via America in the USA, run by Canal Sur and delivering Latin and Brazilian content across the USA and Europe; and Something TV in the United Kingdom.

Global Digital Broadcast was the first in the world to develop and implement such a comprehensive, end-to-end IPTV application, including the G-Studio middleware; an IP set-top box; the online virtual set-top box application; secure age verification processes; its pioneering MyPVR application, which enables the user/viewer to access all previously screened programmes and save them in full; free-to-view programming over IP; voice over IP (VOIP); web availability on terrestrial television sets; and consumer-friendly functionality (such as offering triple play packages within the UK).

The G-Studio middleware, which powers the Global Digital Broadcast network, is a highly advanced system for managing content, advertising, subscription, packages and revenue. G-Studio enables live broadcasting and TV-on-demand to consumer devices. It allows content to be completely controlled, to maximum revenue, by implementing subscription, pay-per-view (PPV) and advertisement-supported models. A simple-to-use scheduling system enables the creation of linear television and a full statistical reporting package.

Global Digital Broadcast has clients in over 30 countries, including: China, Hong Kong, Japan, the USA, Spain, Sweden, Peru, Venezuela, Canada, India, Somalia, Nigeria and Russia; with IPTV set-top box re-sellers positioned in Germany, Sweden, Chicago, L.A, China and Canada.


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